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call for ECB SBC V2 information

Hi friends,

I am building my first SBC V2. I am already impressed with the card format
due to its small size and weight. I think these Eurocards are very nice.

I bought most of what I needed from Jameco, and I am writing up a new
Jameco parts list with part numbers... Most of the parts I understand, but I
am a little confused about the capacitors. The few pictures I have found of
built up boards appear to have little blue rectangular capacitors, which I am
not familiar with.

It would be very helpful if someone could provide a close-up photo of a
built up board, and some more explicit information about the capacitors.

I have so many questions about small details of construction that would be
answered by a good photograph.

There are a variety of documents on the wiki about the SBC, but most of 
them are two years old, and pre-V2. As soon as I get critical mass on this
board, I will write up a very complete how-to with explicit parts lists...

Can someone help me out a little with this please?

Douglas Goodall