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Re: [N8VEM-S100:121] call for ECB SBC V2 information


You're probably referring to the multiple "bypass" capacitors which limit 
spiking on fast responding TTL logic. They are generally "monolithic" type in 
the .1 to .01 uF range. Color varies depending on vendor and packaging spec, but 
they are are often yellow-orange in color, though I've often used bright blue 
ones as well. On older S100 boards (1980's vintage), these were often ceramic 
disk capacitors, same value but physically quite a bit larger, again in a 
variety of colors. Orange, red and green were common.


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> From: Douglas Goodall <douglas...@mac.com>
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> Sent: Wed, March 16, 2011 8:29:14 AM
> Subject: [N8VEM-S100:121] call for ECB SBC V2 information
> Hi friends,
> I am building my first SBC V2. I am already impressed with  the card format
> due to its small size and weight. I think these Eurocards are  very nice.
> I bought most of what I needed from Jameco, and I am writing  up a new
> Jameco parts list with part numbers... Most of the parts I  understand, but I
> am a little confused about the capacitors. The few pictures  I have found of
> built up boards appear to have little blue rectangular  capacitors, which I am
> not familiar with.
> It would be very helpful if  someone could provide a close-up photo of a
> built up board, and some more  explicit information about the capacitors.
> I have so many questions about  small details of construction that would be
> answered by a good  photograph.
> There are a variety of documents on the wiki about the SBC,  but most of 
> them are two years old, and pre-V2. As soon as I get critical  mass on this
> board, I will write up a very complete how-to with explicit  parts lists...
> Can someone help me out a little with this  please?
> Douglas Goodall