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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2809] Re: BASIC in ROM - Any Interest?

Hi Neil,
Just throwing an idea out there,
how about modifying the Z80 board to permit ROM page flipping between two 8k pages of a 28C256 (pin 1 - A14 of the 28C256 would be pulled high so only the top half of the 28C256 would be used) to permit the possibilty of jumping to Basic from a Z80 monitor menu option. When you're finished you hit reset and you're back at the Z80 monitor then you can boot into CP/M or what ever. The Z80 monitor would need to be updated to remove it's current page flip operation but I think that might make a great all in one solution.
David fry

On Friday, March 21, 2014 8:01:44 PM UTC, nbreeden wrote:
Update for 3/21

I've uploaded information on the modification I made to the V1 Z-80 CPU Card to allow a full 8K EPROM to be addressed, look in the 'Builder Journals' area under 'Neil B'.

BASIC Interpreter update:
  2 minor bugs have been fixed.
  The input and crunch buffer lengths have been increased from 80 to 160 bytes.
     I picked 160 as increasing the buffer size takes away free memory for the BASIC program to reside in.
  I've moved the hardware specific portions (the I/O interfaces) into separate files to make adding new interfaces easier..
     The build environment has been updated to support multiple I/O modules.
     Support for the following I/O sub-systems has been coded:
        N8VEM Serial I/O USB Adapter        - Tested
        N8VEM Setial I/O SCC1                   - Untested
        N8VEM Setial I/O SCC2                   - Untested
        N8VEM Utility Board UART (16550)   - Tested      - This provides a model for 16550/16450/8250 UARTs