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Re: looking for an S-100 expert builder to build and test prototype board

On Dec 14, 11:07 pm, Kipp Yeakel <kye...@stny.rr.com> wrote:
> Also, it looks like it uses 15khz sync, which doesn't work well with current monitors. I'm not sure why we'd bother building this, nostalgia? If there is no VGA, please take me back off the list for this card. I'll wait for the super VGA board.
> Thanks,
> Kipp

Hi Kipp!  Thanks!  This board offers a possibility of MSX and maybe
even MSX2 compatibility for S-100.  It is distinct from the S-100 VGA
project John and I are working on even though both are video display
type boards.  We'd still need to add an AY-3-8910 or the Yamaha audio
chip/joysticks/etc for full compatibility.  Thanks and have a nice

Andrew Lynch