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RE: [N8VEM-S100:7016] FW: N8VEM

Hi Chuck, Andrew has passed your e-mail on to me.  I'm the one that maintains the S100Computers web site. This is part of the larger N8VEM "organization".  
Welcome to the group.    This Google's group (n8vem...@googlegroups.com) consist of users that from time to time order a batch of S100 bare boards.    A fairly large batch of the V2 Serial IO board was done a while back.  It may be a while until there are enough people interested to do another run.     Perhaps somebody might have an extra one and reply to you here.

The boards are typically done in batches or 10 or more. I, or some other experienced user could order a batch if sufficient interest  then.  
BTW, there are other new boards in the works so keep an eye out for when the will be announced here.

John Monahan

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Hi Andrew,

Love the work you have been doing and the web site you have put together for the S-100 bus computers. I am working on resurrecting my old IMSAI 8080 machine (with Z-80 CPU). I do have an IMSAI MIO board, but am very interested in your Serial IO S-100 Board (v2) to provide a better interface to allow me to download data and programs from my desktop computer (a Mac) to the IMSAI. The biggest problem I remember having with the machine was how flaky both the Tarbell and the MIO cassette interfaces were, which made storing and loading programs a real pain. Back in the day, I was a student and didn’t have the money for a floppy drive. So now it seems like the best solution is to store information on my desktop and use the serial or USB ports to transfer data. I also love that you have added the voice synthesizer to this design. I am assuming that I could also use this interface as my console rather that the IMSAI VIO or the Merlin video cards that I have and avoid the problem of finding an appropriate keyboard. I think my old one got destroyed in a fire.

So I don’t know where you stand in terms of having boards available, but I would be very interested in purchasing one from you should they become available. What is the cost for the board?

Thanks again for all your work,


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