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9v switching power supples on sale at MJPA for $10

Hi all,
  I just figured I would pass along a deal on 9v 16.5a switching power supplies that I found.  Marlin P. Jones is selling the Mean Well 9v 16.5a switching power supplies at a special price of $9.95.  As John M. pointed out on his S-100 power supply page on s100computers.com, these supplies can be adjusted down to 8.5 volts and are suitable for you S-100 builders out there.  If you have no older boards requiring ±12v, you can get by just using this one supply. 

Here is a link => <http://www.mpja.com/01-21-14.asp?r=00000&s=6>

I have no connection with MPJA other that being a satisfied customer.  I just figured that other my find this useful.