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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3186] Re: GAL's and PALASM

That’s kind of what I also found with the VP-290 Neil.  It said it programmed the AMD GAL’s OK but the actual breadboard hardware test said otherwise.    This is kind of scary because while it is easy to check out simple logic like you have below, it may be difficult to do so with typical applications.


Interesting you got the Lattice chips to program OK using a “Lattice”  chip type.  Mine requires a “National Semiconductor” designation to get the hardware to be correct (even if the programmer said it was OK).


Unfortunately I don’t quite get how the map pattern produced in the .JED file translates to hardware, if you do, we could at least determine if the problem is the Wellon programmer or the PALASM4 software.  It is interesting that the program requires the chip to be named “PALCE22V10”. Could it be there are slightly different specs.


I tried (I think) all GAL types for the AMD 22V10’s, made no difference, in fact some would not program at all.







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My VP-390 arrived today.  


I downloaded the latest version of their software and installed it on my Win 8.1 system. I then programmed a 27C64 as a quick test; it worked as expected; the EPROM is in my test system working fine.


Next I moved on to trying 22V10s.


I have some AMD PALCE22V10H-25PC in my stock. I also have some Lattice GAL22V10 I ordered from Jameco.


I wrote a simple PALASM program, an AND and an OR definition.




OUTP14          =  (INP1 * INP2)

OUTP15          =  (INP1 + INP2)


It compiled and fit OK, I programmed an AMD GAL using the "AMD PALCE22V10H-25" definition on the VP-390. It programmed fine and worked as expected on my breadboard.

I then programmed a Lattice GAL22V10 using the "Lattice GAL25V10" definition, again it worked on my breadboard as expected.


I then added additional terms and more complex terms. The Lattice part continued to work as expected. 


I however ran into issues with the AMD parts. If I add a NOT (IE: OUTP1 = /INP1 + INP2) it compiles fine however the part doesn't work on the breadboard; the outputs stay high. Removing the NOT fixes the issue. Note that the part verifies OK in the programmer.


I'm wondering if I need to pick a different part in PALASM? This might be an issue with the fitter not providing the right JED data for the AMD part?


Where can I find a list of the PALASM parts that are supported?




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