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Re: [N8VEM-S100:3183] Re: Group Purchase of "V2-MSDOS Support Board"


Please add my name to the group purchase.

I would like one board.

Thank you,

Robert Greenstreet


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Subject: [N8VEM-S100:3183] Re: Group Purchase of "V2-MSDOS Support Board"

Current Status as of 4/22/2014

* I have the design files from Andrew and have been able to convert them to the gerber files for the board manufacturer.
* I've gotten several quotes and will be using pcbcart.com
* The group buy is 55 boards.
* I will be ordering a run of 5 boards today so a few early builders can verify the board.
* The final cost per board will be around the same as Andrew has been charging, around $20.

The official list of buyers is:

AltairManRich 1
Andrew Bingham 1
bob 1
Brian Marstella 1
Crustyomo 2
Curt mayer 2
David Fry 2
Don Caprio 2
Doug Wood 2
Edward Snider 2
Fabio Battaglia 3
Frank Schieschke 1
GalacticActual 2
Gary Kaufman 1
Hal Prewitt 1
Ian Douglas 3
JackRubin 3
Jeff G 1
Joe Herdler 2
kenro 1
Leon Byles 1
Matt 2
monahanz 4
Neil Breeden 2
nekonoko 1
pbirkel 1
Rick Bromagen 1
Rob Doyle 1
Steven Feinsmith 2
Todd Goodman 3
Tom Lafleur 1
Vince Mulhollon 2
Total: 55

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