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N8VEM S-100 PCB KiCAD files available online



I’ve uploaded a cleaned up set of KiCAD EDA files for the S-100 boards:




You are welcome to use them as you see fit. 


Please use these files to go forth and proliferate hobbyist home brew S-100 PCB boards to the maximum extent possible.


Actually if you are proficient in KiCAD please to a quality review of the files to ensure they are complete and you can build the boards.


Please tell me what errors you find and which files.  I will correct them as the errors come out.


All of the N8VEM boards use the KiCAD custom libraries and modules available here:



Please keep testing and reporting any errors. There are a lot of zip files so the more testing the better.

My local process for KiCAD is

1.       Start KiCAD

2.       Select project

3.       Load schematic - work on it until schematic is complete and passes ERC

4.       Make network file

5.       Associate parts with footprints

6.       Create stuff file with footprints

7.       Save component file

8.       Back annotate schematic with footprints

9.       Create new network file with footprints

10.   Load board design

11.   Import network

Basically if you can get all those steps to work then the board is pretty solid. There is a lot of tweaking the project and the libraries and modules to get everything to work together.

Practically speaking, my goal is not to make a perfect board distribution file but get something close enough that someone proficient in KiCAD can replicate the board without massive redesign.

Once we get through the first stage of knowing the basic file set is sound, then I will ask the builders to inspect them and start tweaking as they see fit. Just update the -00x suffix and put the old version in the Archive subfolder.

The only thing I ask in return is that if you create a new project board using these files to please upload the new project zip file to the N8VEM wiki so other builders can benefit from your work.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch