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Re: [N8VEM-S100:575] S-100 8086 Up and Runing

Hello Leon,

Good for you!!! Wow! Congratulations!

I've read that the V30 chip can be made to run in an 8-bit mode (I think, via assembly commands). I wonder if you could run CP/M on a V30 (in 8-bit mode)?

Happy Holidays,
Bob Greenstreet

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>Subject: [N8VEM-S100:575] S-100 8086 Up and Runing
>Hi and Seasons Greatings.
>All the best to everyone and their families.
>I've just completed my S-100 8086 board.
>See photos at:
>Everything went smoothly except a missing K8 jumper 1-2 gave me some
>grief for a while.
>I have a V30 CPU and a 24MHz oscillator (8MHz clock) without any
>problems. I'll try  10MHz next when I get a crystal.
>Next step is to get CPM86 and MSDOS going.
>Thanks for another great board John and Andrew.