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My recently completed S-100 test setup

Hi All,
  Andrew has asked us to post picture of our progress and I promised to to so when I completed parts of my project.  I attached an image of my recently completed S-100 test/development setup.  I already have a few S-100 chassis so I wanted something that was lighter & a little more handy to store & work with.  I decided to mount the parts on 3/4" plywood.  I used a Meanwell 7.5v 20a switching power supply as described by John M. It is adjusted up to 8v, but once I get the system running, I will experiment to see if every thing will run at 7.5v  ( I suspect it will).  Since I couldn't find a ± 15v or ±16v switching power supply, I decided to go with a Power One dual 15v 3a linear supply found on eBay.  The AC input is fused as are all of the DC voltages prior to connection to the 8 slot backplane.  I also included a solderless breadboard in case I was to try some parallel I/O interfacing or serial I/O interfacing.  Since the board is rear heavy, I mounted 2 handles on the board to make it easier to pickup & transport.  I realize this is no great breakthrough or anything but I wanted to share what I was doing. 
Jeff Galinat 

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