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Re: a GOOD C Compiler for the Z80?

Thanks John C, i was running 3.3.0.. not that i noticed a difference, but the manual atleast for the Z80 part is about 1/2 a page long, and didnt really have much info atall, the biggest thing was finding datasheets and instructions for directives and keywords, spacing etc, i ended up giving up in the end (i was just trying to compile some simple test program aswell) looks like ill have to give it another go, most of my "hard" routines are in asm anyway, so i just want the C part of the program to glue it alltogether and have some simple and fast way of editing things. (note this is for a long term project of mine with some custom s-100 compliant hardware).. so ill have to have another crack at SDCC.

John M .. i cant wait for the 80386 boards to make an apearance.. i have infact been developing a test board for myself in the process and looking at the similarities from your boards. mine is not however s100. its just standalone. i cant wait to see the baords you and andrew have put together and test one out!! 

Thanks Fabio, i had a look at your files.. allot of work there!!