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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2112] Interest in an S100 backplane order?

Hi Fabio,

If you can't generate enough takers for a S-100 backplane order, I have something that might interest you.  It is a 17-slot S-100 backplane PCB (unpopulated) with active termination.  It measures about 16.5" x 10".  Everything that would be needed for a nice backplane can be mounted on the board, including those gi-normous capacitors that were so common on S-100 power supplies.  There is a place for a 6-pin (probably Molex?) connector for +8, +/-16 and ground.  Also there is a circuit for a de-bounced (74LS00) reset switch.  The active termination circuit would require an LM4250 (round can with 8 pins).  I think they can still be purchased from places like Mouser for about $1. Looks to me as if all that would be needed (externally) would be a +8v and +/- 16v power supply.  The PCB is 2.5 mm (very stout), and is marked:  (C) 1980 Micromation FAB 681-002 rev. 4.0 assy 901-018.

I'm retired and will never be able to afford to buy even a few of the 100-pin connectors that would be required to get the thing going.  Where are you located?  If you are in the U.S., I'd sell it to you for $50, shipping included.