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Interest in an S100 backplane order?

Hi everyone!
I'm new to the group and to homebrew computer building: only recently I ordered a few ECB boards from Andrew and built my own SBV V2 + DiskIO CP/M computer.
I decided to steer away from S100 based computers because of the cost of complete backplanes or the 100 pin connectors to build them. This until recently...

While cleaning one of my messy storage rooms (where me and my father accumulated components and devices recovered during tens of years) I found some 100 pin connectors perfect for building my own backplane (not to mention a box of Z80 CPUs and other processors, between the other things).
As the S100 backplane is out of stock, Andrew told me to check this group for interest in a re-order. The threshold for production is ~20.
I'd get one, or even two, so I can start building my own Z80 (or 286, I'll probably fetch both boards) based S100 computer! Anyone else is interested?

Have a nice day, everyone!