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RE: [N8VEM-S100:700] Re: S-100 VDP prototype board PCBs are here

Yes - The N8. Does anyone recall the video config's with/without the

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Hi Neil,  I think the N8 was the other board you were referring to



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On 09/02/2012, at 10:42 AM, "Neil Breeden" <nbre...@comcast.net> wrote:

> The FMS6141 is a video filter, as I recall you can leave it off and go 
> with the 2N3904 based amp instead, it needs to be one or the other, not
> I ordered the 6141 from Digikey -
> http://search.digikey.com/us/en/products/FMS6141CSX/FMS6141CSXCT-ND/13
> 05865
> Note that I have NOT verified the info below, it is based on looking 
> at the schematic.
> If you use the FMS6141 I believe these other parts are needed as well:  
> P36 FMS4161
> R28 0 Ohm (wire jumper)
> R29 470 Ohm
> C24 0.1uF
> R30 75 Ohm
> R31 75 Ohm
> C26 220uF
> C27 0.1uF
> Jumper L1 (this will supply VCC to the FMS6141) or use an Inductor 
> bead to limit noise back onto VCC
> If you are not using the FMS4161 then you will also need:
> Q1 2N3904
> C25 22uF
> L1 Inductor Bead
> Again this is a guess based on what I see in the schematic; there was 
> a discussion some time ago on another thread about a similar design on 
> another board; I haven't been able to find that discussion however.
> -Neil
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> When I checked my parts for the VDP I discovered I'd forgotten the
> FMS6141 IC.
> There doesn't seem to be anything available locally that will do the job.
> It'll take about a week to come in from RS Components. I know they are 
> a bit pricey, but they don't have a minimum order for their free 
> delivery if you order online in Australia, unlike Element 14 or 
> XON(Mouser agents) or Digikey. (I don't have any association with RS)
> Leon
> On Feb 8, 8:08 am, Elsid <le...@swiftdsl.com.au> wrote:
>> Hi Neil,
>> I think I have most if not all of the parts for the VDP now.
>> I will most likely build the board this weekend.
>> What were you going to try as far as software?
>> I thought I'd try building a text driver for CP/M 3 first, though it 
>> would be nice to see MSX running on an S-100 machine.
>> Leon
>> On Feb 8, 4:37 am, "Neil Breeden" <nbre...@comcast.net> wrote:
>>> I'm wondering who else is testing / building an S-100 VDP board?
>>> I have my board assembled and all the parts in hand with the 
>>> exception of one part, the 1.2V zener/voltage reference. Nobody in 
>>> my area stocks the voltage reference listed in the schematic, I'm 
>>> waiting to get an order above the minimum on Digikey so I can kick 
>>> off
> an order.
>>> -Neil
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>>> Hi!
>>> I've already sent S-100 VDP prototype board PCBs to Dave and Neil 
>>> for build and test.
>>> However if anyone else would like to participate in the build and 
>>> test phase please let me know.
>>> This is going to be a fun project and has the potential for somewhat 
>>> VGA compatibility.
>>> It also lays the foundation for a potential MSX2 compatibility for 
>>> the S-100 bus.
>>> That's unprecedented AFAIK.  It could be very interesting!
>>> It is not recommended for new builders though -- this will be "blood 
>>> and guts" all the way!
>>> Thanks and have a nice day!
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