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crossdev now available


I was thinking about how my recent efforts could be helpful to you and I realized that the recent release of my crossdev technology might be very helpful to you.

If you look in the wiki under the Software registry you will find the RomWBW
folder and under that my application build scenario. Up until now I have done all my application development natively on CP/M-80 v2.2, first on my SBC V2, then
on my Zeta, and ultimately on my N8-2312.

Theory of operation is as follows...

You download and unpack the crossdev folder either off the wiki or as part of
the subversion distribution (see RomWBW/trunk/Apps/crossdev).

Then install DOSBox on your computer and config a drive pointing to the crossdev.

Then once you bring up the DOSBox and log to that drive, all my sources and tools
are there, so that you can rebuild any of my apps easily, including sysgen.

The reason I bring this up is that it may be helpful to you to be able to scavenge
parts of sysgen or other programs as part of your bootstrapping method.

The findfile program builds from assembler source and has macros for low level access to sector reads and writes. The label program is also in assembler. These are written in RMAC/LINK and can be cross assembled here or natively build on

Other programs are generally in Aztec C, and the compiler, assembler, and linker are present in the crossdev folder along with batch files for building things.

Also I am working on a python script to load the cpm22.bin and bios.bin via serial
using the substitute command found in the MASTER ROM from John Monahan.

My working files of your stuff are in RomWBW/branches/dwg/Applegate.