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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1334] Lava-10 Board working fine.

Andrew mentioned that some people were having difficulty getting the actual
Lava-10 "Chip".  The person to contact is a  Dominik Domanski who as best I
can tell is in Spain. His e-mail address is dominik....@mylium.es and
that is the web site from where he describes the chip

However for some reason the chips actually come directly from Poland. I
guess he has them fabricated there.  I got a chip from there last year for
the prototype board and just got another about 3 weeks ago. Both were
identical.    In a recent e-mail he said he had 7  "chips" already made up.
I got one so I suppose there are 6 left.  The chip is actually a small board
with seven SMT chips on it.   I have no idea what his time/ability to make
more is.  One problem with him/them, is that e-mail returns take a few days!

However on Friday last he sent me an e-mail saying he was
developing/programming the next generation Lava which will have much more
resolution/capability.  I have subscribed to an early prototype.  Hopefully
it will sit down on the same pin contacts.

BTW, it goes without saying, I do not know anybody at Mylium and in no way
benefit from them.  


John Monahan Ph.D
e-mail: mon...@vitasoft.org
Text:    mon...@txt.att.net