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makefile for hc20


In the HC20 build, the Z180 macro is missing the crt0.rel dependency and the
link fails when the crt0.rel has not been built.

This is the altered version that works.

Z180 =  z180.rel cprintf.rel sio.rel rtc.rel timer.rel nvram.rel video.rel \
        cpufreq.rel panic.rel ppide.rel vtest.rel crt0.rel

Here is the working build...

MacBook-Pro:hc20-mac doug$ make
sdcc -mz80 -c -D__SDCC__=1 --opt-code-size -o zmain.rel  zmain.c
sdasz80 -plosff z180.rel z180.s
sdcc -mz80 -c -D__SDCC__=1 --opt-code-size -o cprintf.rel  cprintf.c
sdasz80 -plosff sio.rel sio.s
sdasz80 -plosff rtc.rel rtc.s
sdasz80 -plosff timer.rel timer.s
sdcc -mz80 -c -D__SDCC__=1 --opt-code-size -o nvram.rel  nvram.c
sdasz80 -plosff video.rel video.s
sdasz80 -plosff cpufreq.rel cpufreq.s
sdcc -mz80 -c -D__SDCC__=1 --opt-code-size --codeseg BIOS_CODE -o panic.rel  panic.c
sdasz80 -plosff ppide.rel ppide.s
sdcc -mz80 -c -D__SDCC__=1 --opt-code-size -o vtest.rel  vtest.c
sdasz80 -plosff crt0.rel crt0.s
echo -b _BIOS = 0xF800  >zmain.tmp
cat zmain.tmp z180.txt > z180.lnk
sdldz80 -nf z180.lnk
cp z180.ihx z180.hex
MacBook-Pro:hc20-mac doug$ 


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