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N8-2511 and HC-P58767 HC20 Mac OS X Build


I took the HC20.ZIP file containing John's BIOS for both the original 
board and the beta board, and converted it so that it could be built
on the Mac OS X "Lion" operating system (and Snow Leopard).

Two zip files have been posted to the 
"Common Software for HC-P58767 and N8-2511" folder.

They are:



No code changes have been made, just some tweaks to the Makefile
and the z180.txt file to set the default library location appropriate for
the Mac. Also "copy" has been changed in places to "cp" and "cat".
Oops, there goes my secret identity.


  ‎//* * \\ 

Douglas Goodall

"Did Goloka think the Ulus
were too ugly to save?"

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