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MS-DOS device driver for the S-100 IDE board - need help

In my Seattle Computer Products 8086 computer i want to integrate the S-100 IDE board.
I want to go the way over an MS-DOS device driver.
Also i want to have the "MyIDE" program running as a standard MS-DOS program.
I get the book from Robert S.Lai (Writing MS-DOS device drivers) and read them.
The example "A RAM Disk Device Driver" in the book i got to work and i want to use this example as a basis for including the IDE routines.
But my experiences in 8086 assembler programming are very, very poor.
If there are S-100 IDE board users with 8086 assembler programming skills, please help.
I have attached the example, which is running with MS-DOS 2.0.
I assemble it with the Microsoft Macro Assembler 1.10

masm ramdisk,ramdisk,nul,nul;
link ramdisk,ramdisk,nul,nul;
exe2bin ramdisk
copy ramdisk.bin ramdisk.dev

Then insert "device = ramdisk.dev" in the config.sys file.


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