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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4180] Re: CP/M 3 Boot from a Compact Flash - problems and need help.

David -

I think so...

I can switch drives easily using QO34,1 and QO34,0

The only bootable system I have is a ADC SuperSIX card - that runs CPM2.2. The MyIDE program won't switch properly, but I think it may be a CPM3.0 vs CPM2.2 problem, or possibly related to incomplete port mapping on the ADC card. The rom version of MYIDE seems fine (although it doesn't support switching drives).

At this point I'm within striking distance of a bootable system. As far as I can tell I have Z80 CPU, 1 and 2 slot IDE cards, Serial I/O, 4mb SRAM, SMB, Propeller Console I/O and Parallel I/O cards that are working properly. I can get to the V4.57 monitor and all seems to function.

I'm almost done with the ZFDC card too. I'm waiting for some Teac HF-235GF drives that are switchable to 360rpm so I can write a substance

The only curiosity is that I can't use the V5.02 rom. I get a few lines of garbage on the Console I/O and then it locks up. I'll try re-building it again to see if that's the problem. It looks like it should work fine with my current board assortment. I'll also have to look over the Console I/O jumpers to see if I've miss-wired something.

- Gary

On 6/14/2014 1:10 PM, David Fry wrote:
Hi Gary,
no I haven't tried the 74HCT03, at the time when I was troubleshooting my board the 74S03 caught my eye and I just ordered two on ebay. together with the 330 ohm SIL I've had no problems since.
did you ever fix the problem you had switching between CF drives ?