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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2129] Re: Interest in an S100 backplane order?

On 02/01/14 04:15, Doug Wood wrote:
> Hi Fabio
> I Would like a backplane board also. infact 2
> Deos anyone know if the 8 Slot is the only option now.
Hi Doug!
AFAIK the backplanes should be these:
So that's 6 slots, no idea if there are other versions.

While still interested in an N8VEM S-100 backplane, I decided to order
one online.
Alas, without active termination, so I'll either need a termination card
or a prototyping board where I can build the termination circuit myself.

> Im just getting started on an s100 computer so i would be interested in just about any board at this point. Especially the dual cf card / hard disk ide board
Me too. I have spent enough in boards & components for december, but
I'll start hoarding up PCBs when I get the next salary in just a few
days ;-)
While waiting, I'm building my N8: In fact, I just received some
components from mouser and running off to my soldering station right now!