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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2436] S-100 console IO PCBs

I would be interested in 1 Console I/O board as well. 

On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 1:21:25 PM UTC-8, Fabio Battaglia wrote:
On 18/02/14 22:14, Vince Mulhollon wrote:
> As per search results, looks like the last S-100 console IO PCB order
> was about 13 months ago.
> I will pay for two.  Tomorrow, three years from now, whenever it comes
> around...
> If someone has untouched unbuilt boards, maybe I could make a deal on
> the side.  I'd much rather buy a v2 in the future than a v1 today so
> I'd have to think about that.
> For me its all about the building, so I'm not interested in purchasing
> an assembled one.
> If a V2 had traces and holes for standard PS/2 and VGA edge mounted
> connectors along the top, I'd like that, perhaps as an option.  Maybe
> considerably recessed from the edge so people with tight chassis could
> use COTS extension cords or similar.
> If this kind of "market research" thread has value, there's a couple
> other boards I'd pledge for.  Probably should have a separate thread
> for each board.  Or if not seen as useful, no harm intended and have a
> nice day.  The suns out and the snows melting I can't help but be
> happy so you should be happy too.
If this becomes a "market research" thread count me in for one too.
I think opening other threads for the other boards is a good idea, and
probably will attract the attention of interested parties.
I'm waiting for 6502 V2, M68000, 8088 and ram board (I know Andrew and
John are working on a 16mb version though), plus the ones I already
mentioned in other threads (DOS and Serial I/O).