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S100-68K-V3 Jumper Settings

Hi John

I have some questions on the jumpers.   I am not quite sure what the settings should be for K1, K2, and K4 as they are new and probably have something to do with the TMA stuff.  Also it seems that JP13 must always be Closed or I don't understand the function of it.

Here is what I have come up with so far - I am going to start using as a bus master with no SMB currently in the system   I have labeled some with ?   Could you clarify or confirm them?  Thanks


J9      Open        Watch Dog Timer
J10    Closed      Auto Vector enabled
J13    Open        Enable Various Interrupts
J14    1-3, 2-4     ROM at XX8000
J15    Closed      Enable Boot Feature

JB1    1-2, 3-4     Values for 28C256 eeprom
JB2    3-4, 7-8     Values for 62256 memory

JP1    Open         OV_A
JP2    Open         OV_B
JP3    Open         OV_C
JP4    1-2            Connect to SDSB*
JP5    Open         S100 pin 65
JP6    1-2            Bus_RESET*
JP7    1-2            HOLD*
JP8    1-2            SLAVE_CLR*
JP9    1-2            POC*
JP10  1-2            BUS_RESET*
JP11  1-2            MWRT*
JP12  1-2            Clock*
JP13  1-2            ???? seems this needs to be always connected
JP14  Open         BR*    ???????
JP15  1-2            PHLDA*
JP16  Open        S100 pin 66

K1     1-3            XFERI        ?????
K2     3-4            XFERII       ?????
K3     1-2            NMI*
K4     2-3            XFERII
K5     2-3            DODSB*
K6     2-3            HALT
K7     2-3            bA20

P2    dependent   Sets number of Wait States
P5    1-2             TMAXPU*      ?????
P6    1-2, 5-6      Passes Master Reset through  ????