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Re: Interest, Discussion and R&D on a 18 Slot S100 Backplane & ATX PSU board.

How goes the 18 slot mobo?

The recent warm weather has me doing wood sanding and finishing on my pseudo-victrola styled ECB project (one trimmed out in brass, one in chrome) and my P112 (pix of both sooner or later in the appropriate locations), so I'm starting to look forward to attaching 36 connectors with a mere 3600 solder joints in S100-world.  Those numbers in themselves are kind of awe inspiring.

Just idly curious.  I totally understand that everything involving hardware takes awhile.  (hope you other guys haven't got boards while I wasn't looking...)

As usual for me, I'm building a custom wood case, although I have not yet had my inspiration for the S100 mobos.  Was considering the classic English tool chest look, although a coworker pointed out that a very well done English tool chest looks creepily like a little kids coffin, which is not exactly the look I was hoping for.  Then I went thru a phase stuck on Dutch tool chests.  I keep looking at pix of a Cray Q2 and thinking of maybe two bays for mobos, and two bays of power supplies, and two bays of drives and "things" perhaps storage.  Then again a "chair sized" original cray-I complete with upholstery... But I have a habit of letting my designing get ahead of my wood butchering ability.  Still a small loveseat sized (rather than full scale) dual S100 powered Cray I inspired chassis is stuck in my mind, and may very well be constructed soon.  Then again there was a fad in the late 60s to very late 70s of building computers into desks, and so far I've avoided that temptation, but...  And how in the world would I fit a Cray-I inspired machine in my house?  Need a big empty spot.