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Re: Interest, Discussion and R&D on a 18 Slot S100 Backplane & ATX PSU board.

HI Vince / All,

Sounds very interesting Vince!

yes, boards have arrived, i have put one together and tested it (there is 1 small silkscreen error, that i will advise on) otherwise the board works well. i have uploaded a scan of the board to the N8VEM site:



someone with a keen eye may notice that the picture has been joined, my scanner was not large enough to scan the whole board at once so i had to scan it half/half and join it in photoshop, im no expert in photoshop so there is a line where the colors dont quite match up.. but the picture gives you an idea. i will upload a scan of the backside aswell.

the shipping for the 30 boards via DHL from the board shop was over $100US so im not too sure how accurate the shipping costs thus far have been, but i will be looking to ship the boards out within the next week. i will advise of the total shipping costs to respective people(s). so you all should have your board(s) soon! :-)

i will be putting together a BOM and advising people on the correction to the silkscreen error in the next few days! keep an eye on this thread!

enjoy the pic!