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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3361] Re: GAL's and PALASM

Not sure I understand what you have there Neil,

Are you saying that if an equation has 16 terms you must have the outputs on either pins 18 or 19.

But if the equation has only 8 terms any pin from 14 to 23 is OK.

Do you mean “term” to be an input pin.




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An update: I'm having good luck with the 22V10s, PALASM and my Wellon VP-390 programmer; some notes:


I have several manufactures versions of the 22V10 - when I change the device in the Wellon programmer software the data buffer is erased which results in the GAL being erased during programming (there is no data to program). This created a lot of confusion until I figured it out; after a device change you simply need to reload the JED file.


When a GAL is erased the output pins (Pin 14/23 - IO 9/0) are always high.


The various outputs on the 22V10 support differing numbers of product terms;

Pins 14/23 - IO 9/0 -  8 terms

Pins 15/22 - IO 8/1 - 10 terms

Pins 16/21 - IO 7/2 - 12 terms

Pins 17/20 - IO 6/3 - 14 terms

Pins 18/19 - IO 5/4 - 16 terms


Until I understood this I was confused why some longer terms worked on some pins but caused compiler errors on others.



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