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Re: GAL's and PALASM

An update: I'm having good luck with the 22V10s, PALASM and my Wellon VP-390 programmer; some notes:

I have several manufactures versions of the 22V10 - when I change the device in the Wellon programmer software the data buffer is erased which results in the GAL being erased during programming (there is no data to program). This created a lot of confusion until I figured it out; after a device change you simply need to reload the JED file.

When a GAL is erased the output pins (Pin 14/23 - IO 9/0) are always high.

The various outputs on the 22V10 support differing numbers of product terms;
Pins 14/23 - IO 9/0 -  8 terms
Pins 15/22 - IO 8/1 - 10 terms
Pins 16/21 - IO 7/2 - 12 terms
Pins 17/20 - IO 6/3 - 14 terms
Pins 18/19 - IO 5/4 - 16 terms

Until I understood this I was confused why some longer terms worked on some pins but caused compiler errors on others.