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RE: [N8VEM-S100:4311] Another route to write a CPM3 image to a CF card for the S100 IDE board

Dave not sure why your system is hanging without the ZFDC board.  In the two systems I have here, one has the ZFDC board the other does not.   I flip the CF cards around all the time. If the ZFDC board is not present I put out a warning "Failed to initialize the ZFDC Board" but then the loader continues on.  If I pull the ZFDC board out on my main system, also no hang!    Wish I could be of more help -- I'm  so bogged down on other boards right now I can't get my head above water.   I have one more week to do a lot then on a 3 week vacation (Grease, Turkey  -- forget internet!).  Want to try and get a few things completed before I go.


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Yes but before you put the image on the CF card you can add/delete files with the cpmtools because they know the underlying CPM file system of the image.  That is the beauty of this implementation.  I would not put the floppies in the base images until you fix it so the system does not hang if the board is not detected.


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