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Re: S-100 IDE Board & TIL311

John and Kipp:  Thanks for the confirmation(s) and the additional
thoughts/perspectives.  Just checking before I prepare to plunge.

On Feb 20, 8:58 pm, "John Monahan" <mon...@vitasoft.org> wrote:
> Paul, this discussion on Hex display has come up a number of times for a
> number of boards. UTSource I have found to be reliable and really the only
> option. Takes about 1-2 weeks.  These days there are only two available
> single Hex display LED's the TIL311's and the HP 5082-7340's out there. The
> latter are actually better but more expensive.  The TIL's are not essential
> for the board to operate but sure are nice for debugging etc.  The only
> other alternative would be a rework using some of the recent serial line
> character displays, a serial port (SIO) etc. Would be a major rework on the
> board and could potentially slow the ZFDC Z80 up if not Interrupt driven.
> Seem to remember the UTsource were ~$6 each , may be wrong. Sometimes you
> can luck out on eBay BTW
> Good luck
> John
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