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RE: [N8VEM-S100:714] S-100 Extender Board Test Jig

Not sure which board you are referring to. The top board  is an S-100 bus
6502 CPU board.  (Please note this board is NOT IEEE-696 compatible. It is
designed to work in the original IMASI/Altair systems that have (up to) 64K
of RAM and utilize only 8 bit I/O ports.   I think Andrew may have a few
boards left.  We will be doing a later this year a master/slave IEEE-696
compatible board. Stay tuned)

The bottom, front, board is a System Monitor Board. Described in detail

The extender board itself is described here:-


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I notice on the
page a bit over halfway down an interesting photo named "Letter 3 on
CRT.jpg" which shows a preliminary test of the partially-stuffed 6502 board
while mounted on an S-100 extender-board serving as a test jig.

What is that board, what test/control  functions does it support, and where
might one acquire one :->?

Thanks to all and Andrew (I'm guessing ...).