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Re: [N8VEM-S100:982] i960 / V96BMC ~BLAST timing


You can get free versions of SPICE to do models with. I have not used it since -- err never mind.

I asked the FA engineer about that at work today (he was ranting about signal integrity on SAS interface) and he expressed the same concerns about using ribbon style connections at those speeds as Rob. I asked about the twisted pair ribbon cables like the used on SCSI 3 cables and he said some sort of drivers and termination might work.

LVDS and MLVDS drivers. It comes in multi-point and point to point and can drive ribbon cables.
TI examples
SN65LVDM1676 - 16-Channel LVDM Transceiver
SN65LVDM1677 - 16-Channel LVDM Transceiver

The other one is SER/DES but those are point to point only. Used in LCD, HDTV, and networking links.
70 data lines down to 10 serial at high data rate.


On 7/16/2012 8:04 PM, John Monahan wrote:
We could go with a daughter card Rob, we did one with our SMB (a far
simplier situation of course). The only reason I like the over the top is it
has a better potential to be a bus in itself with perhaps other cards joined
up later.   Width is not really an issue. Could we not have alternating
ground lines.  It's total length would potentially be less than seen on a
typical old 386 PC motherboard.  I would anticipate having something like a
74AS645 and 74AS533 to sharpen up the signals as they arrive on the daughter

No I have no tools. Suggestions?


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On 7/16/2012 5:12 PM, John Monahan wrote:

Really anxious to see how you do with high capacity DRAMs/conrtroller.
It really would be great to have a GB capacity S-100 board since DRAM
SIMMS are so cheap these days.  On top of that, any RAM layout would
be generally applicable to any 80386 SBC type of setup since our
ribbon cable "over the top" connection is our choice of lines.  The
S-100 aspect just makes communication/storage etc. simpler.


I would be concerned about the signal integrity of an "over the top"
connection operating a '386 memory speeds.

I would think that a daughter card would be a much better idea even if the
card occupied two s-100 slots.

Do you have any tools to simulate signals?