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Re: S-100 6502 CPU poll


Another point to consider is the potential for onboard SRAM and/or IO
and the TMI multiple bus master circuitry is itself highly
specialized.  Many, if not most, S-100 builders will not use any of
those.  If you already have an existing S-100 bus system and are
willing to operate it with a dedicated S-100 6502 CPU as sole bus
master and use other boards with RAM and IO then the V2 modifications
are basically not useful to you.  In fact, they may *cause* more
problems than they fix.

S-100/IEEE-696 systems *tend* to be "one function per board" and as a
result highly integrated boards tend to be problematic.  Maybe John
Monahan would further elaborate on the  approach of "one function per
board" design philosophy.  We've held it fairly well with the boards
we have made so far.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

On Nov 25, 2:19 am, "Leon Byles" <le...@swiftdsl.com.au> wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> I would be interested in getting a 6502 board now if you can get enough
> takers for a production run.
> It looks like a nice board to play with.
> Leon  Byles