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Re: S-100 6502 CPU poll

Hi Leon,

Thanks!  Currently there are 11 builders on the S-100 6502 CPU board
waiting list.  Of course that list is quite old so it is suspect.  I
am trying to decide whether to "snap a baseline" with the current
configuration (bus master only with no onboard IO or SRAM) or to wait
until more modifications are complete.  Rich (the original designer)
has recommended we go to production with the board in the current

Given the specialty nature of the S-100 6502 CPU board I suspect there
is a much higher likelihood of a V2 board becoming reality if we snap
a V1 baseline where it is right now.  The board is fully functional as
Neil already demonstrated.  Supplying a less-than-optimal V1 version
would give a wider variety of builders a chance to make the necessary
modifications to get to a V2 version thus increasing its likelihood of
actually happening.

Like any of the S-100 boards, we still need about 20 boards for
builders to get to an economical level for a PCB manufacturing order.
So I guess that's the question to the S-100 builders; do we get a
working but basic V1 S-100 6502 CPU board now (high likelihood) or
wait until a better version V2 is available but may not happen?

Here is what I propose.  I will wipe the waiting list for S-100 6502
CPU board and if you want one or more of these please either reply to
this thread or send me an email.  If we get to 20 boards or so I will
make a PCB manufacturing order.

Sorry to bore everyone with droll economics of this but it often comes
down to such mundane decisions when making hobbyist PCBs.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

On Nov 25, 2:19 am, "Leon Byles" <le...@swiftdsl.com.au> wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> I would be interested in getting a 6502 board now if you can get enough
> takers for a production run.
> It looks like a nice board to play with.
> Leon  Byles
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> Hi,
> Thanks to Rich and Neil for their hard work, the S-100 6502 CPU is basically
> ready to go.  However as it is currently configured, it is a bus master CPU
> with boot ROM only.  It does not support the Temporary Master Interface for
> multiple CPU bus masters and it does not include any SRAM or IO peripherals
> such as serial ports, parallel ports, or timers.
> Eventually, I would like to make the S-100 6502 CPU support TMI and also
> include some additional SRAM and IO.  However that is probably months away.
> Would the S-100 builders be interested in a S-100 6502 CPU board V1 which
> captures the current CPU and boot ROM only?  If there is enough interest, I
> could do a production run of these boards and later include the SRAM, IO,
> and TMI interface.
> Ideas, thoughts, all welcome.
> Thanks and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch