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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2259] Re: My recently completed S-100 test setup

Hi Joe, Fabio & John,
Thanks for the kind words. I am making progress on the other S-100 boards also. The extender board is complete except for the 2 buzzers. I just finished the Z-80 board today. I now have to jumper it properly and burn the monitor into an eprom. The ZFDC is almost complete except for the trimmer capacitor and populating the sockets with chips. The Serial I/O is complete except I am still making up my mind whether I want to add the speaker & V-stamp voice synthesizer to it. The V-stamp is $75 US & I am trying to decide whether the coolness factor of the voice synthesizer outweighs the cost of the module and the loss of 1 of the 2 serial ports on the board. I am leaning toward going without the V-stamp initially. The 4 meg Ram board is done except for a few different colored LEDs. I feel the unique LED colors would help me distinguish the indicators in a crowded machine. I started the Propeller driven console I/O board but currently only have the sockets installed so I have a way to go on that one. I haven't even started the Dual IDE board as I wanted to get a floppy based system working first. I have been accumulating 7400, 7400LS series chips & micros for about 35 years from hamfests, computer fests and electronic store liquidations so it is finally nice to put a lot of them to use. I only plan on running the board at 4mhz so all 74LS parts should be fine. I have a Leap LP-1 IC tester so I am testing every TTL chip before I put them on the board as some of these chips are 40 years old. For instance, I had every chip for the Z-80 board except for 1 74LS165. I have to place a order with Jade for the buzzers, speaker, LEDs & a few other items so I will also get a 74LS165 but I have a tube of 74HCT165's which I believe should work in it's place anyway.