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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2139] Happy New Year to all

Not sure about the 8088 Fabio, it’s Andrew’s call.  Actually the 8 bit VGA should work perfectly fine (and fast) with the future 80486 S100 board. That’s because the 80486 has 8, 16 and 32 bit data bus capability.   This is not the case for the 8086, 80286 or unfortunately 80386.   However I’m not recommending most users start with an 80486 board. It’s going to be complex, best to start with the 8088.  That board is now very reliable and fine-tuned.





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On Jan 2, 2014 6:41 PM, "John Monahan" <mon...@vitasoft.org> wrote:
> V2 of the Z80, SMB, 80286 boards.  Each have minor improvements but you can use 90% of the old parts on the new board.
> A 16MB S-100 Static RAM board. Yes, one board to fill total capacity of the S-100 bus.
> A VGA S-100 video board (using the Trident TVGA9000 chip). Sorry this card will be 8 bit only,  so for our 8088 board.
> A 80386 master/slave CPU board (addressing to 4GB)
> A 64MB Static RAM board for our extended addressing bus
> Later in the year a 80486 master/slave board.

Ok, apparently I just found out where my next paycheck is going to be spent :-)
I'm putting myself in line, if possible, for a Z80 v2, SMB, 286, 386, 16MB exp and probably the VGA board (I'm pretty sure I have the TVGA9000 chip in one or two ISA cards around home...).
The interest in the VGA board depends on respin for the 8088 CPU card. Any plans on that?


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