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Re: [N8VEM-S100:261] Re: Vintage stuff available for sale...

I tried on several occasions to contact him but also had no luck.

Thanks anyway Douglas.

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 10:49 AM, douglas_goodall <douglas...@mac.com> wrote:
After further experience with this fellow. I have to say I cannot
doing business with him. He gave me this contact information, knowing
phone number was not in service. He has been unwilling to provide an
address, or it seems a usable phone number. I think something is wrong
this picture. I am sorry if I wasted anyone's time with this.


On May 21, 5:53 pm, Douglas Goodall <douglas...@mac.com> wrote:
> Friends,
> I met a fellow at the local electronics superstore recently named Ken Slusser.
> He has been collecting vintage equipment and parts for quite some time.
> It appears that he would like to sell off what he has laying around.
> I was out there at his place today and picked up a few items of interest.
> He is preparing a list of what he still has on hand.
> I got...
> * Industrial Micro Systems C00450 Z80 CPU Board
> * Industrial Micro Systems RGM 8A Disk Controller (8" floppy and MFM hard disk)
> * Tarbell Electronics MD2022 Rev D Floppy Controller (8" floppy)
> He has various S-100 boards of different types as well as PDP-11 boards.
> And also a wide variety of printed documentation for almost everything.
> He has what appears to be an Imsai in very good condition (one paddle broken)
> that he would like to sell.
> Here is his contact information if you want to call him and ask about things in
> particular you are looking for.
> Ken Slusser
> 22410 I St.
> Santa Margarita, CA  93453
> (805) 400-9653
> I wish I had more money to pick up  some of his treasures. :-)
> Douglas Goodall

Don Caprio cap...@uxpro.com
(925) 240-UNIX