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A new S-100 Bus general purpose 1MG Static RAM + EPROM S-100 Board.

About two years ago Andrew and I made an S-100 bus E-PROM board that could utilize a number or RAM and ROM chips. It proved very popular. All production quality boards were quickly taken.  A second "V2" version of the board was later made. That too went quickly. 

A number of people have requested an "All in One" RAM/ROM combination board capable of working in 8 or 16 bit S-100 systems with pre or post IEEE-696 CPU boards and capable of accepting a wider range of UV-EPROMS, EE-PROMS, Static RAM chips and Flash-RAM chips.  Also in view of the range of chips and CPU's a flexible wait state circuit that can independently assign 0-8 wait states to the above chips would be desirable.  Finally, it would be nice if the EPROMs could be phantom/shadowed in or out  depending on which CPU is controlling the S-100 bus.  For example one normally would not want a Z80 monitor at F000H if the bus has given control to an 8086 in a 1MG address space.  

See here for a description of such a board:-