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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2862] Run of Dual CF-Card/Hard Disk IDE S-100 Boards


That's why I hesitated when I learned of such madness!  Dropped back to one, if it works, I'll just let the person buying my other S-100 machine build his own.

But, "Let the fun begin".  :eek:


On 3/22/2014 8:59 AM, Edward Snider wrote:
Just to be clear, these are bare printed circuit boards that you have to solder all of the components to.

On Saturday, March 22, 2014 2:25:39 AM UTC-5, AVTechman wrote:
Hi Ed,

That is almost a token price!  Of course I'll want one, so put me on the list. 

It will be fun, and quite the adventure.  The whole S-100 experience still eludes me.  First, an all in one board turned out to have a corrupted ROM monitor, then I obtained a bunch of useless boards, finally have a good set of CompuPro, but no working drive, (zero for four!).

Steep curve, oh, VERY!  :)

This CF concept seems to be a very good solution to augment the first drive, I've CP/M86 on floppy ready to go.

No reply necessary, I'll watch for the time and method to pay, I'm subscribed.

Bruce Hinton

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