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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2264] My recently completed S-100 test setup

Hi Josh,
  Thanks! Than last thing I would want to do is zap myself or something :-).  I didn't have proper terminal block shields so I made some with some standoffs & plastic from fast food container lids.  Re: your projects, very nice!  You are certainly involved with a lot of vintage hardware.  I follow your Cosmac 1802 postings, your S-100 postings and now I find out you are working with PETs. You are a very busy man!

On 1/19/2014 3:14 AM, Crusty OMO wrote:

HI Jeff,

Very nice work!  I'm impressed with the detail put into covering the open AC terminal strips and fuses.
Adding the handles was another "above and beyond" move,  I like it!

Recently, while fixing up a PET 2001, I had a need to just see what's happening on the bus.  I don't have CPU emulators for every CPU, so I tossed a few 74HCT374, a 74LS245 and a lot of LED's to work with my LPT port so I can control the bus.  Later versions of this jig will have headers for other CPU's, for now it handles just the 6502.  Nothing fancy, but it's this that has been eating my time.