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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2871] Help Programming PAL's/GAL's

When you're done -

I'd be interested in a review of that programmer.   It looks nice on paper.

On 3/22/2014 1:35 PM, John Monahan wrote:
Very interesting Rob!
AMD calls their GALS PALCExxx.  Looking at the pinouts, the NS, AMD and Lattice PAL and GAL 16V8's all look the same.

But based on your observation I set the Wellon VP-290 to think it was programming National Semi GAL's and would you believe it programmed OK!   Interestingly, if I add the "verify" option,  it fails to program correctly.  But at least the pins in hardware behave as expected.  Clearly a very simple set of equations, will obviously have to do more.

But I may have a solution, thanks for the pointer.
Will also see what Wellon says (they are quite helpful with e-mails BTW).


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On 3/21/2014 9:31 PM, monahanz wrote:

Has anybody in this group had experience in the past programming
simple GAL’s.

I helped some of the folks recreating the Heathkit H89 with more modern parts a few months ago.

The original H89 used fusable link PROMs as decoders - which are mostly unobtainable or expensive. I redesigned the logic so that we could use a bunch of GAL16V8s.

I uses the PALASM4 Ver 1.5 from:


I also used DOSBOX.

I don't see anything wrong with your design.

I don't think PALASM4 supports GALS. Somehow the person that built the board converted from 16L8 format to 16V8 format.

I wouldn't assume that a .JED file for a 16L8 would work with a 16V8.
The JED file is a fusemap.

Also different manufacturers have different programming algorithms.

What part are you using, exactly?


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