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Re: Z-80 V2 component questions

   That BOM was not thoroughly checked. I have an updated one that I used to build my Board

I uploaded that one for someone and cautioned it is not complete.

Attached is the latest Bom I used for my board. C3 is a .1uF Capacitor  ,  C1 is 47 Uf

Take a few minutes to check it against the schematic.

Double check the Bussed resistor arrays for type and resistance. they are hard to remove
Make a print of the board as the component values and #'s are covered once the part is installed. It's easy to get lost
The 220 #'s ( Both ) should be resistors. Again check the schematic to see where its connected to confirm.

The 74F series are necessary for the board to run at a faster speed. They are referenced in the text for the Z80 V2 board

on the s100computers.com

   Sorry about the confusion.


                     Doug Wood

On Monday, 10 February 2014 00:28:17 UTC-5, Joe Herdler wrote:
Hi All,

I have been slowly working on my Z-80 V2 board. I am taking my time, as the end is not the goal, rather the journey is the fun part. I solder each part in place after checking three times to make sure it is the right one, then I inspect the solder joint with a high power magnifying loupe to make sure it is up to standard. If not, it is fixed. As I assemble each component to the board, I check it off on the bill of materials list that I printed off. This way, I hope to minimize mistakes.

Thus, here is my questions...

First, is C-3 really a 0.1 uf ceramic cap? It is next to three (the only three) electrolytic caps, and the mounting area for it is a circle with a polarization indicator.

The second question is about the LEDs... D 1,3,4 and 5 are listed but not D 2,7 and 8. I just want to be sure that those are LEDs as well. (no assumptions here :-) Also, on the subject of LEDs, am I correct in that the flat side of the LED goes toward the little notch in the circles?

The third and last question that I have concerns two rectangular boxes near U 9 and U 29 that have the number 220 inside of it. Is this a 220 Ohm resistor? There is no "R" number in the boxes.

Thank you very much! This is really a neat project. When I was a kid, and the IMSAI machine came out, I did not have the means to get one. So I am now building one 40 years later as I type this on my Dell notebook right next to my work area where I am building this board. Couldn't ask for any more! :-)



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