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Bringing up old power supplies slowly.



I have several cases with motherboards and power supplies that haven’t be used for several years.


I have been told the old capacitors need to have voltage applied slowly to avoid problems.


I have 0 to 120 VAC variable transformer


I have two question about how and when to use it:


1.  How long do I take to go through the whole voltage range?  12 hours, 3 days, a week?


2. How long can a power supply be unused until I should do this procedure again?


Thanks for any help you can give,




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Nick is definitely correct on this. I've purchased this type as well and actually received them with the terminals pressed completely out of the socket housing. They work great for a quick one-off test, but the springiness of the legs on the chip contribute more to holding them in place than the socket itself. The Jameco sockets are generally good quality at a reasonable price.