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RE: [N8VEM-S100:432] serial S-100 card



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Subject: [N8VEM-S100:432] serial S-100 card


Hi All -- Thought maybe there could be some interest in my *ahem* modifications to the N8VEM S-100 serial card.   I've never been a big fan of inanimate objects "talking" to me, so I hacked the speech section of my card to accept a 4DSystems uDrive device.  It is tied to the "other" serial port on the Z85C30.  Here's a photo.  The first serial port works great.  I can send all kinds of ASCII text over to a PC running "ProComm" at 9600.  Haven't tried anything faster yet.  Also haven't checked out the USB port.  Any of my machines with a working USB interface are all the way on the other side of my house from the S-100 stuff.

I wonder if I can get the uDrive to work in an S-100 environment?  It works just great on the 10 MHz Z80 SBC that I designed and built, but I'm caught at 4 MHz on the S-100 front.  I still can't get my S-100 Z80 CPU card to work. *frown*  Don't know if there will be all sorts of timing issues at 4 MHz.  Also don't know if the SCC will introduce any problems.  To date I've only used the uDrive with the Zilog DART or SIO chips.  The 300+ page Users Manual for the SCC is a little over the top!

The code for "udir", "urd", and "uwrt" is on my Web site (www.hanscom.us).  These versions work great on my 10 MHz Z80 SBC.  We'll see about the S-100 serial card!



Very nice! I use the S100Computers/N8VEM Z80 board all the time at 10MHz (with 2 IO wait states for other boards) with this serial board. The USB easily does 38.4K to a PC. Even the SSC serial port #1 using a Serial to USB cable on the PC at these speeds. I just have not tried heigher.