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Re: [N8VEM-S100:254] N8VEM M68000/10 uCLinux SDK lives...

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G'Day all,

I've corrected just a few minor things on the web page since this morning.

One thing about the current kernel image that is slightly problematic,
but certainly not a show-stopper, it that it is currently not an XIP
(eXecute In Place) image.

I was unable to build an XIP image with the -mcpu=68000 compiler flag
because in order to build uClib (needed for busybox shell, etc..) the
build needs to use the -fPIC compiler flag which is not supported by GCC
until the 68020. So I side stepped that issue by disabling XIP build mode.

I think it may be just a build script bug, as I don't see why I should
not be able to build the kernel in XIP mode while not affecting the root
file system lib and application build flags.

In either case, either I fix the build to get an XIP image, or the boot
loader will have to deal with loading a FLAT-model kernel image which is
not terribly complicated.

Kind Regards,

Mike Sharkey

On 11-06-04 09:42 AM, mike wrote:
> ..here http://8bit.zapto.org/index.php/n8vem-m68000-10-uclinux-sdk
> After a 27 hour marathon I've got a custom SDK up and running, building
> an M68000 mmu-less image.
> I've left some of the platform specific low level routines stubbed out
> for the time being just to satisfy the compiler. I was just happy to get
> a successful build at this stage.
> As far as I know, this may be the only linux 2.6 M68000 kernel. The
> kernel folk have pretty much phases out 68000 and 68010 starting int the
> 2.4 kernel supporting only 68020 or better.
> In any case as I get closer to hardware-day, I'll start filling in those
> stubs. In the meanwhile if someone could take an off-site copy that
> would be much appreciated, I would hate to have to do that again!!
> Kind Regards,
> Mike Sharkey
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