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Re: [N8VEM-S100:1545] An 80386 CPU and RAM board for tthe S-100 Bus

Hi Bob
The S-100 80386 CPU & SRAM boards should really be considered a set.  While the S-100 80386 CPU board could in theory be used by itself on the S-100 bus the need for a lot of fast local memory is going to pretty much force a local memory board solution of some kind.  Otherwise the memory access times will be painfully slow.
The 8MB SRAM board is a start in the right direction but realistically it is going to have to get larger to be practical.  There was quite a bit of discussion about a DRAM based board a while back.  I am guessing we'll make an PSRAM board next or soon as an intermediate step to a full up DRAM or SDRAM board.  Memory size has to increase and we are taking incremental steps to get there.
Local DRAM and/or SDRAM add a lot of complexity due to the multiple bus master nature of IEEE-696.  It is not a simple problem that much we know for certain.  Most likely it is going to involve some here-to-fore unheard of changes like SMT parts, programmable logic, etc.
As John pointed out earlier, we really need a VGA solution to make this work.

Andrew Lynch

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 2:11:17 PM UTC-4, bob wrote:
Hi Andrew,

Just to help with a rough demand count, please add me to your list of people wanting:

1) The 386 board.

2) The daughter board to the above board.

I would like 1 of each of them (2 boards total).

I'll keep watching to see when the official order request comes out.

Kudos for the excellent work you guys are doing!

Thank you,
Robert Greenstreet