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Re: S-100 PC-AT Ver 02 (DOS Support board) Initial Run

Pre-payment sent.

Andrew B

On Thursday, May 15, 2014 10:33:44 AM UTC-7, nbreeden wrote:
It's great to hear the board works! 

The 5 boards from the initial run have all been allocated and already paid for; I wasn't able to supply one to everyone who showed interest; if you haven't sent me a payment then you didn't get one of the initial 5 boards so you'll need to wait for this 2nd run.

I'll get the larger order sent off in the next couple of days. As this will be for over 50 boards I'm hoping some of you will jump in and prepay for your boards to help me pay for this.

If you can prepay my paypal ID and personal email address is 'nbreeden (at) me.com'. The standard $20 US per board plus shipping (in the US it's $3 for 1 board, $4 for 2) still applies. 

If you prepay PLEASE indicate what the money is for, your full name and your shipping address.