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a GOOD C Compiler for the Z80?

Hey Guys,

after allot of searching and mucking around with some compilers that seem weird in the way they work, that i cant get working properly (SDCC).. does anyone have any other suggestions for me? im looking for a C compiler for the Z80 that will give me as good as possible code to binary(asm).. i.e. i dont want to have to write full asm code in a C function with the ASM directive because i cant coutput to a memory address or a hardware address in the z80 or something silly.. or a compiler that can link together multiple .h or .c files?

any ideas guys? 

or at a complete loss does anyone know of a soft core that is GCC compliant? or even a decent old (soft) CPU that has separate Memry I/O that has a nice C compiler?

this is my forever problem;em.. i cant seem to get the CPU im working with to have a nice compiler so i can be productive? i dont want to move to a all in one chip mike a microchip or atmel arm.. i would love to stick with the Z80 for now if possible.. hench the search for a nice C compiler

BTW John.. does the 80386 have a nice C compiler for it?.. i could almost see myself upgrading thee system to accept a 80386 if i have a suitable C compiler??

any suggestions met with arms open!

thanks guys