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Re: [N8VEM-S100:1030] A new S-100 6502 CPU Board

I think the CPM like OS would have been Richard Leary's DOS/65. I know
that I would need Richard or someone else to produce a modified DOS/65
to make use of the memory beyond 64k, it would take me a very long
time to do it! I started out with 6800s and 6809s so the first time I
had to program a 6502 type machine (it was a Rockwell R6511 in the 64
pin QUIP package) I also found those 8 bit index registers a little

I'd agree that if nobody else is interested in the 65816 stick with
what you have now. It may be better to build a board in the n8vem
group something like Sergey's ZETA and run the 65816 flat out at 14
MHz. According to the timing information in the data sheet the address
to data access time needs to be 30nS or faster at 14MHz, so it will
need fast static ram chips very close to the CPU. On an S100 card the
addresses probably won't even have made it to the edge connector in