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S-100 6502 CPU board initial prototype board

Hi!  I was cleaning up my workbench and noticed there is one remaining
S-100 6502 CPU board initial prototype PCB.  Does anyone want to
volunteer to do initial build and test of the S-100 6502 CPU board?
This is *not* a production board and no one has successfully gotten it
to boot yet.

As the initial prototype, it *may* be OK but usually they require some
cuts and jumpers to work properly.  There is some information here


This would be appropriate for experienced builders with familiarity of
the 6502 CPU and detailed working knowledge of the S-100 bus.  Also
you'll need plenty of spare time as extensive debugging is normally
required so if you are already busy with other projects this is
probably not a good project.  Please contact me if interested.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch